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So it began with between_names doing a short wish list meme thing that was going around. She asked for:

*NSYNC/Star Trek crossovery goodness. Not sure what form that would take, but I'm sure there's a way.

I commented that I'd read that, cause can you imagine JC and Spock having a conversation and Spock trying to figure out the logic that connects hot dog vendors and illegally downloading music? And she replied and we went back and forth and apparently, things can't get in my head without me doing something about it.

Notes: I'm not exactly sure where this is going, it's mostly coming out in spurts with input and requests from between_names because I am apparently her bitch. If When I update, I'll add to this post, so if for some reason you're as insane as K and me, bookmark it and check it occasionally!


Bones is sitting on the edge of the stage with the blond kid – Lance, he thinks his name is – watching Jim and the kid who reminds him vaguely of Chekov do some strange sort of dancing that really just looks like they’re both having seizures. Thing is, Bones is pretty sure that’s what it’s supposed to look like and then he just gets depressed because he realizes he’s old.

“I have never seen anyone but Justin do that so well,” the kid – Lance, dammit, it’s Lance - says to Bones. “Everyone else Justin tries to teach it to falls on his face when his ankle gives out.”

”Yeah,” Bones replies dryly, “he’s amazing. The next dance superstar.”

Lance gives him a look out of the corner of his eye, but Bones ignores him. The two stop dancing and laugh about something before the kid who’s not Jim puts his hands to his mouth, his legs bending to some rhythm Bones can’t detect.

Lance sighs next to him, “Now he’s just showing off.”

Bones raises an eyebrow and appraises Lance. “Showing off?” He’s used to that. Jim does that on a regular basis.

“Beatboxing,” Lance says, motioning towards the curly haired kid. Lance rolls his eyes, “Yet another thing he can do that most people can’t.”

Across the stage, Jim narrows his eyes at the kid, asks him a question and raises his hands to his mouth. “Oh for God’s sake,” Bones mutters as Jim starts mimicking what Lance’s friend was just doing.

The others who are closer to the pair, stop and listen, wide grins on their faces. Spock is standing by, his hands clasped behind his back, and if there was a Vulcan look for confused, Bones is pretty sure it’s on Spock’s face right now. The others, though, are cheering, egging Jim and the kid on like they’re not in the middle of a mission that – oh, Bones doesn’t know – Jim has to complete!

Bones stands up, and Lance looks up at him for a moment before standing, too. They walk over to hear Jim, “What else you got?”

The kid stops beatboxing and puts his hands on his hips, appraising Jim. “What do you you got?”

Jim smirks, “I can captain a ship.”

“Oh no,” Lance says, just as his friend crosses his arms over his chest and leans close to Jim.

“Bring it on, spaceboy.”

“Kirk to Enterprise,” Jim says before Bones can stop him, “beam us up.”


Turns out, Justin can captain a ship, too.

Granted, they’re not really doing much, just flying through space, really. It’s not like Justin has to get them out of any kind of sticky situation, but he’s sitting in the Captain’s chair like he owns it, and Bones is pretty sure that if a sticky situation were to arise, Justin would have the balls to think he could handle it.

Bones can’t decide if he is horrified or amused. He’s vaguely horrified because he really thinks Jim would let this Justin kid try and handle things – which, if his actions so far (which include him telling Sulu to go to warp when they were already in warp, “then go to warp ten!”) indicate, Bones should just call his daughter now to say goodbye – just to prove Jim could do something Justin couldn’t do.

But he’s really kind of amused. He thinks Spock’s about ten seconds away from having an aneurysm, which would be a high point. But Bones really can’t fathom how Spock puts up with Jim sometimes, and now there’s essentially two Jim’s on board. He’s already told Justin to get out of the chair seven times, and each time Jim waved his hand and said he could stay.

Bones looks around, locates Justin’s friends – which is very important, he doesn’t want any of them to wander off, and that one skinny kid looks like a wanderer. Lance is near Chekov, their heads together, their voices low. Chekov, though, is clearly excited about something, and Bones isn’t really surprised, that kid gets excited if the computer recognizes his “v” the first time he says it. Bones moves closer to them and he hears them talking in another language, and he realizes Chekov is excited because someone else on this bucket of bolts can speak Russian. Lance is pointing at the control panel in front of Chekov and says something, and from the way Chekov answers, Bones knows Lance has asked a question. Bones appraises Lance again, gaining a bit more respect for the kid.

“He was in Russia for a while,” a voice at his shoulder says, and Bones turns to find the skinny wandering-looking kid at his back. “Wanted to go to space, so this?” He waves his hand around, “Is like Lance’s wet dream.”

Bones looks back at Chekov, who has high spots of pink on his cheeks and says, “Looks like Chekov might be in the middle of one, too.”

The kid laughs and replies, “Oh, Lance would love that.” His eyes twinkle, “he’s run out of boys back on Earth.”

Bones raises his eyebrows and looks back at the two. He sighs, looks like these kids will be around longer than he suspected.

“Can I fire a weapon?” Justin asks from the chair.

Bones smirks as pretty much everyone on the bridge – except Jim, of course, the bastard would let him - yells, “No!”

Oh yeah. He’s definitely amused.

Bones is still on the bridge, but in a soft conversation with Sulu when he hears the commotion behind him. He turns in time to see one of the new guys collapse on the floor. His doctor instincts kicks in and he turns from Sulu mid-sentence and goes to where Spock is standing over the guys prone body.

The short one – Chris – is yelling at Spock, who is just watching him, something like controlled anger on his blank features.

Bones is a little annoyed that he can recognize Spock’s emotion despite the entire lack of emotion on his face.

“What did you do to him?” Chris is saying and Bones kneels next to the guy on the floor.

“Joe?” Lance’s voice is behind him and Bones looks over his shoulder to see him standing there, Chekov still at his station.

“I merely…”

“You did that Vulcan nerve thing, didn’t you?” Jim breaks in and Bones rolls his eyes, because he doesn’t have to look at Jim to know he’s making a fluttering motion at his own neck. “You need to stop that!”

”I want him off this ship,” Spock says and Bones rolls his eyes again, standing.

“What did he do?” Bones asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“He was speaking to Nyota.”

Lance raises his eyebrow and behind Bones, Jim laughs, “he looks like you,” Jim nudges Bones and Bones scowls.

“So what?” Bones asks Spock.

“So he was speaking to her in a way he should not.”

Uhura shakes her head, “He was flirting.”

”He was touching your shoulder,” Spock says calmly, “you are spoken for.”

“Oh come on,” Jim says, “he didn’t say anything worse than I’ve said to her.”

Spock looks at Jim and nods, “If you recall, I once threw you off this ship.”

Bones almost smiles at that and it’s Jim’s turn to scowl. “You are not throwing anyone off this ship. Bones, take him to sickbay until he wakes up.”

“Oh sure, Jim,” Bones says, “how do you expect me to get him there? I’m a doctor, not a pack mule.”

Lance laughs softly, “I’ll help you,” he says, “and Chris will.” Lance seems to make the same conclusion Bones does: Chris needs to be away from Spock.

“And Justin will continue to sit in the chair,” Justin says from - well, from the chair.

Bones rolls his eyes and with Lance’s help, lifts Joey from the floor.


As far as Lance can tell, the mission was this: some sort of… shape shifter?… has gone back in time and decided to terrorize Earth, starting with pop music. That’s the part that gets a little shaky in Lance’s head and he’s pretty sure he didn’t translate Pavel’s Russian correctly. But now’s not really the time to think about it because Joe is lying on a cot in the Enterprise sickbay – and Jesus Christ, this ship! Lance has had half a hard-on since they beamed onto it. And seriously, how fucking cool is that beaming shit? Lance really wishes McCoy would stop watching them all like a fucking hawk, because he really, really wants to explore. Although, that’s probably why McCoy is watching them. Stupid rules.

They haven’t been on the ship long, but Lance has been paying attention. The bridge crew is sort of like a boy band, they have their roles and except for a solo once in a while, they don’t step out of them.

And of course, every boy band needs a Justin. Lance knew from the minute he saw James Kirk that he was this ship’s Justin Timberlake. They had the same cocky grin, the same light in their eyes when something new and different came up, the same confidence tone when they spoke. Jim Kirk – as with Justin – is someone who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Lance figures this probably makes him an amazing Captain. And, judging from the amount of eye rolling from McCoy and the soft sighs from Spock, “the dick with the pointy ears” as Chris has taken to calling him; it also makes him kind of pain in the ass. Just like Justin.

Lance clears his throat and McCoy looks up from the – computer or whatever it is in his hand and raises his eyebrows, clearly waiting for Lance to ask his question. Lance half wonders how McCoy even knows he’s going to ask something and that he wasn’t just clearing his throat, but whatever.

“So um,” Lance says, turning away from Joey, who’s still out cold, “y’all are from the future?”

Lance has asked what the date was, but he just gets some stardate or some shit and he can’t figure that out and quite frankly, he doesn’t try, because if they’re from the future, does it really matter? They’re from the future.

Bones nods. “Yeah. We got a transmission at 0800 hours this morning. A Chameloid,” Lance gave him a blank stare and Bones sighs, “a shape shifter,” he uses the term for Lance’s benefit, “had managed to get herself back in time, sent to Earth, the year 2010. It is our mission to find her and stop her.”

Chris looks up from the other side of the sick bay bed. “Stop her from doing what?”

Bones shrugs, “I have no idea. I don’t even think Ji- The Captain knows. But whatever it is can’t be good. Captain Kirk theorizes there’s some sort of technology or medicine she might need, but I find that hard to believe, that we wouldn’t have what she needed in our time. I think she’s probably just trying to smuggle something to sell.”

Lance makes a face, “What could she possibly want? This shit is way cooler than any of our shit.”

Bones raises his eyebrows at Lance. “Well, okay. But think about how valuable things are in your time that come from a century before. Don’t people in your time do odd things to take what’s not theirs?”

Lance can’t argue with that and he shrugs, looking back at Joe, who moans softly like he’s going to wake up. “So. If you’re supposed to be on Earth trying to stop this shape shifter… what are we doing on the ship?”

Bones sighs, “Trust me, kid. That’s a question I’d like the answer to as well, But it seems our Captain cannot refuse a challenge.”

”Yeah, that’s how Justin is, too. Which is why we’re here,” Lance sighs. He’s quiet for a minute. “So hey. What’s the deal with Chekov?”

Bones gets up, mumbles something that sounds like “I do not have time to deal with this shit” and walks away.

“What?” Lance calls after him. “What did I say?”


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Jan. 7th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
Hi, between_names pointed me towards this. I really liked it, I hope you continue. I liked JC, Lance and Bones the best, the way you described them fit, with the wandering around, Russian and eyebrow raising. :)
Jan. 8th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
Hi! I can't decide if I should thank her for this or be mad at her for pushing me to write it! But thank you for the comment! I'm mostly just writing when a scene gets stuck in my head, and if K has anything to do with it, she'll keep putting scenes there. I added another short one if you're interested. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 8th, 2010 05:56 am (UTC)

And dude, I have PLANS! Together in 2010? Plots! When did this become something plotty?

Oh shh. Give me time. I'm working in your last Lance/Chekov Russian request!
Jan. 11th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
Of Course Kirk is the Enterprise's Justin. Of course he is! This is so much fun. I hope Lance will get a chance to explore the ship further.
Jan. 16th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
He IS! It totally fits, right? Thank you so much! It started as a one shot short thing, but I'm having fun randomly going back to it, so I'm glad that people enjoy it. I do plan on writing more, so keep checking back. Thanks so much for this!
Jan. 16th, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
I didn't even see the rebooted version of Star Trek yet (*ducks before people can throw things at her*) and I'm loving these scenes! I hope you keep writing them.
Jan. 16th, 2010 06:29 am (UTC)

No, seriously. It's a great movie, you should totally check it out. And that's coming from a girl who never watched a single episode of ST in her life. But anyway! Thank you! It's great that people are reading them and enjoying my little snippets of crack. I have a couple more floating in my head, so come back and check it out periodically. Thanks so much!
( 7 comments — Leave a comment )